Who Is The True #1 Contender?

When the smoke cleared and the dust settled, it was Bobby Shields who walked out of Red Lion, PA as the first ever Champion Of Valor.

But he wasn’t the last man standing!  Adam Flash, who had competed for nearly 60 minutes, stood tall as Bobby Shields used every cheap trick in the book to secure that very championship.  Flash was enraged, like never before. Shields, fearful for his life, escaped from Flash’s clutches, as Flash gave chase through the streets of Red Lion.  Flash returned to the ring irate and demanding a rematch.  He protested and refused to leave the building until his challenge was accepted…his demands met.  Several hours later, Valor officials were able to come to an understanding with Adam Flash and all of it comes to a head in Red Lion.  Is Adam Flash the TRUE #1 contender?

And where is Bobby Shields?  Earlier reports stated that Shields and Valor Officials were at a standoff.  All of this and much more will be revealed on August 11.