Valor Show Results

New Age Dawning 5/19/12

  • Adam Flash defeated Rockin Rebel via rollup. Pinfall.
  • World 6 Man Trophy: The Nigerian Nightmares(c) retained/defeated The Iron City Saints via Dumbo Drop.  Pinfall.
  • Ray Alexander defeated Prodigy PTV via Pinfall.
  • Shockwave The Robot defeated Tony Mask w/Goatboy via Pinfall.
  • Shockwave, Tony Mask & Goatboy defeated Nigerian Nightmares in impromptu Dance Off.
  • Triple Threat: Sonjay Dutt defeated Bobby Shields w/Destiny and Aramis via top rope splash on Aramis.  Pinfall.
  • The Mega Destroyer defeated K’ras Van Tasel via rollup.  Pinfall.

-After the match, K’ras attacked Mega Destroyer, injuring Mega’s arm.  Steve Steele & Adam Flash made the save.

  • Psychotic Erotic defeated The Empire via Pinfall.
  • Dr. Ruthless, the unofficial Philadelphia 76ers mascot, was a special VIP guest of Valor.  He was attacked by Hybrid.  An impromptu match broke out and Dr. Ruthless defeated Hybrid via Pinfall.

Main Event: Valor Victory Royale:

20 Men Entered, But Only 4 Remained.  The Final 4: Adam Flash, Bobby Shields, The Mega Destroyer & Adrian Bliss.

  • Adrian Bliss eliminated The Mega Destroyer via Lungblower.  Pinfall.  K’ras Van Tasel held Mega’s injured arm and refs did not see it.
  • Bobby Shields eliminated Adrian Bliss after Adam Flash connected with Last Resort top rope leg drop.  Shields dumped Flash to the floor and stole the pin.
  • Bobby Shields eliminated Adam Flash after a low blow and with his feet on the ropes via Pinfall.
  • Bobby Shields became the Inaugural Champion Of Valor

After the match, Adam Flash chased Bobby Shields out of the ring with a steel chair.  Shields escaped through the crowd and left the building by stealing a car outside.

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